About Us

Who is Accreditation Europe

Accreditation Europe ASBL is a non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of European healthcare quality through leading external assessment models, based on standards of excellence. Based in Braine L’Alleud, Belgium, Accreditation Europe ASBL is an independent European entity founded by the Directors of Accreditation Canada International. Accreditation Europe has developed strong linkages with European and international accreditation bodies such as The Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare (NIAZ). 

Its partner organization, Accreditation Canada is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua). Accreditation Canada has fostered quality in health services internationally since 1958 and in Europe 18 years ago. 

In fact, according to ISQua, one third of all accreditation/assessment programs in existence today have taken their start from Accreditation Canada’s programs. Through this collaboration, Accreditation Europe ASBL gains unique access to Accreditation Canada's expertise, know-how and intellectual property while maintaining its focus on European health systems.

Accreditation Europe Activities

Accreditation Europe ASBL is an independent entity established with the support of the Directors of by Accreditation Canada to drive quality throughout Europe and build upon current presence. Within the European Union, Accreditation Canada’s know how in assessment systems has been sought by France, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia and Croatia. It has also performed projects in Serbia and Albania with German partners. Accreditation Europe has participated in numerous projects since its inception in 2013.


ACI worked with VASPTVT, the State Health Care Accreditation Agency in Lithuania to develop national standards for General Practitioner offices, as a first step to establishing a national accreditation program for the country. These foundational standards focused on: provision and coordination of health care services, information management, office resources, human resource/team of service provider and safety and quality. In the fall, international key note speaker presented to more than 500 delegates at the European Primary Care Conference in Barcelona. In December of this year, Accreditation Europe ASBL in collaboration with European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE) and European Organization for Rare Disease (EURORDIS), were selected for the award for development of manual and toolbox for the assessment of European Reference Networks for rare diseases.


Accreditation Europe ASBL was established in Braine L’Alleud, Belgium in 2013. This year saw expansion of Qmentum International accreditation program in Europe, especially within the French-speaking regions of Belgium. In July 2013, ACI met with delegates from the Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare (NIAZ) to explore the spectrum of responsibilities from standards and software development to managing national surveys. Later in the summer, ACI met with a key member of the Université Catholique de Louvain to share knowledge of accreditation practices and discuss broader issues including potential collaborations and research. ACI also participated in a francophone knowledge exchange led by the Fédération des Institutions Hospitalières from Belgium which focused on mental health, hospital management and accreditation.