Integrate internationally endorsed standards and required practices (ROPs) into your everyday operations for the best chance to make your health care facility a safer place. Understand Health Care Quality Improvement opportunities via orientation sessions

Readiness Assessments help you plan future quality improvement tasks based on your current operations by assessing your services against all High Priority Criteria and Required Organizational Practices. Simulated Surveys get you comfortable with the official accreditation process and identify which award is attainable for you using a sub-set of standards selected with your Advisor. Use the web-based Self-Assessments to gather operations staff input on your facility’s performance anytime in your accreditation process.

It’s easier to commit to safer facilities and better patient care with education sessions and ongoing advisory support tailored to your needs—offered in your language. Accreditation Europe helps you create workable strategic plans and develop, and implement, policies so you continually meet accreditation expectations.

The Accreditation survey assesses all criteria applicable to the organization, including high priority criteria, regular criteria and Required Organization Practices. After the survey your organization receives Accreditation report and Award. Recommendations get you moving towards future accreditation targets.

Get help to improve difficult areas with post survey coaching, education and advisory services so you can implement the survey recommendations and achieve new levels of accreditation. Take the next step in your quality improvement efforts by enrolling in Stroke or Trauma Distinction programs.

Define your organization’s requirements for new or enhanced program into a comprehensive project design through a needs assessment exercise.

Enhance existing accreditation program or introduce a new program by bridging together international best practices and local needs.

Transfer knowledge on programs, accreditation, quality improvement and patient safety methodologies to leaders, staff and surveyors.

Maximize efficiencies in implementing accreditation programs

Sustain your program for decades, by reducing costs related to program maintenance

Healthcare Assessment Systems

Design Your National Quality Health Care Program Around Your Resources: Health Care Assessment System Solutions

Building on more than 55 years of healthcare accreditation experience, Accreditation Europe offers a variety of local solutions to Healthcare Regulators and Accreditation Bodies that wish to improve their existing assessment programs or create new ones.  Organizations that wish to develop, review or update their standards, automate a program, develop surveyor competencies or simply exchange ideas and resources, find great comfort to work with our Healthcare Assessment System solutions.

Healthcare Regulators and Accreditation Bodies can also take the advantage of our Collaboration Center Network, which gives them access to a turn-key program to introduce into your health care environment, saving a significant amount of time and money. Through the Qmentum Licensed Program (QLP), Collaboration Centers have access to Accreditation Canada’s programs and expertise, including one of the world largest health care standards library, AccreditationAcceleration software, co-survey opportunities, organizational development, surveyor development programs and many others.

Collaboration Center Network

By applying the Qmentum Licensed Program™ (QLP™), regulators and accreditation bodies are joining our Collaboration Centre network of international accreditation bodies committed to use and develop an internationally awarded program alongside Accreditation Canada International, NIAZ, IQG and other organizations.

As a Collaboration Center, you will also benefit by:

  • Accelerating the launch of internationally-recognized standards
  • Learning from the experience of a long-standing accreditation body
  • Supporting the evolution of effective accreditation methodologies aligned to national objectives
  • Implementing a culture of quality improvement amongst your stakeholders and engaging them in the design and direction of the accreditation program
  • Striking the right balance between available resources and offering the best possible accreditation program to health care organizations
  • Focusing on your priority sectors

Health Care Regulators have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organizations through Accreditation Europe's Collaboration Centre Program.

Assessment Services